Step 4: Create a Working Bibliography


A working bibliography is an organized set of bibliographic information about resources found during your research that might be helpful as you write your report. You might choose to create an index card for each resource or you can store the information in a computer file. In essence, however, you want to record information that will help you do three things:


Generally speaking, record the following for books, periodicals, and online resources:

For Books

For Periodicals

For Online References

library call number (for personal refernence)

library call number (for personal refernence)

bookmark the site, or use software such as EndNote or Mendeley to record it

names of authors, editors

names of authors

names of authors, editors

titles and subtitle of book

title and subtitle of article

title and subtitle of article

editions or volume number

title of periodical

web address (URL)

publisher's name

volume and issue

publisher of the web site (if known)

place of publication

date of issue

date of publication (if listed)

date of publication

page number

date you accessed the web page/site


Also consider writing notes to yourself about each reference, so that the reason you identified it as relevant remains meaningful to you. If the reference is a book, consider jotting down chapter titles; if it is a periodical, jot down ideas from the abstract that precedes the article which may be useful.


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