Activity 11: Favorite Ways to Procrastinate

A helpful activity is to seriously look at the ways you procrastinate. Everyone has their own techniques and tricks for avoiding things they don't want to do.

Take a few minutes and list the ways you procrastinate. Tape the list above your computer as a reminder. Or give the list to a friend and ask him/her to tell you when they see you avoiding an assignment or neglecting to study for an exam.


My Favorite Ways to Procrastinate:


Deena: Brian, I haven't seen you for a few days. How are things going?

Brian: Well, Deena, those time management tips have been really helpful. I'm not feeling nearly as stressed, and I think I am actually getting more done. I think the group could benefit from some time management too - especially now that we are doing our data collection and preparing to go into the analysis stage.

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