In the form below, type the average hours per day or hours per week spent doing each task on the left. The first five tasks are daily tasks, so enter the number of hours you spend on the task each day. The last three tasks - Job, Class, and Fun - are weekly tasks. Enter the total number of hours you spend each week on the last three tasks. While filling this out, think about where most of your time is wasted.

Click the "Update Total Hours Allotted" button to calculate how many hours you spend on activities each week. The Remaining Time Left for Studying field will then update to list the remaining amount of time that could be left for studying per week.

Close this window or tab when you are finished with the activity.


Time Estimator

Task Hours per Day Days per Week Hours per Week


Remaining Time Left for Studying

Remember - you should have 2-3 hours of study time for each hour of class. Tough to do, isn't it?

Thanks to Michael R. Gore at the Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech, and Jason Gullickson and Tristana Harvey, University Learning Centers, University Park for developing this tool.