Electronic Testing

Electronic testing, or eTesting for short, just means that you will take the test using a computer or other electronic device instead of pencil and paper. eTesting has an ability to include novel types of questions which could potentially be graphical in nature, and/or use animations or sounds.

In some cases test questions are drawn from question banks. If that is the case, everyone may receive a different version of the test. Depending on the option settings of the test, you may be able to see your score immediately upon completing the test.

You prepare for an eTest the same way you prepare for a pencil and paper test, by organizing your notes and materials, keeping up with class work, and scheduling regular study sessions throughout the semester. You may also want to make sure that you have a backup plan in case your computer or Internet connection fails while taking an eTest (e.g., Where else can you go to take the test? How will you quickly get there?).


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