Information and Digital Literacy Together

Information and digital literacy somewhat overlap, and together form technological fluency. To be technologically fluent means you are using critical thinking to find, retrieve, interpret and analyze, manage, and use information in digital and multimedia formats. You are creating new digital and multimedia artifacts based on the information you gather and your engagement with others in communities of practice via online and social networks.


The types of processes that you can utilize as a technological fluent individual include using a variety of computing devices to:



To be technologically fluent, you need computer skills (such as word processing), understanding of the information technology fundamentals (such as how a computer works), and capabilities (such as problem solving).


Student Dialog - What is Technological Fluency - Revisited

Sage: Hey Jose - Want to see my awesome, new, and entirely self-produced video?

Jose: Oh I suppose. If you must.

Sage: (Sticking tongue out) Very funny. Thanks for your advice, by the way. I did find a great librarian that not only helped me with this project, but also showed me how to better define it and do great web searches - and how to be critical about what I found.

Jose: And for the video?

Sage: The Penn State Media Commons gave me some basic guidelines and really helped me to become somewhat proficient in basic video production. I also met several others in my class doing the exact same thing - so now we can bug each other when we get stuck. Together we figured out a way to organize our files using so we can share some common resources. I never thought I could do it, but here it is!

Jose: So think about what that means when you interview for a job. You can show that you know how to research a problem correctly and produce more than just a written paper - you can create digital stuff. The world needs people that can do that.

Sage: (Looking around) Are you talking to me, or some hidden audience, O Digital Sage?

Jose: Pwffth! You're the only Sage I see around here. Now show me your video!


Cartoon of Sage and Jose talking. Read the dialog above the cartoon.

Cartoon of Sage and Jose talking. Read the dialog above the cartoon. Cartoon of Sage and Jose talking. Read the dialog above the cartoon.

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