Fluency in Information Technology Questionnaire

How fluent in the use of information technology are you? Your answers to the following questions will help you determine what you need to do to successfully use information technology. Be honest! This isn't a test; it's a self-reflective guide.

Instructions: Choose the most accurate response to each statement. Then click the Am I FIT? button.

FIT Questionnaire

1. When an instructor gives me a vague assignment, I know what questions to ask to better understand the problem.
2. I have no trouble restating a problem in order to look at it differently.
3. I often break a problem down into smaller steps.
4. I know how to use Boolean logic to narrow the hits on an Internet search for a topic down to less than 50.
5. I have talked to a librarian when doing research.
6. I know what an original source is.
7. I know how to tell if a journal article is a good source of information.
8. I can name five things to look for in web sites to evaluate them.
9. I can verify the truthfulness of a source of information.
10. I have strategies for organizing information I gather from the web.
11. I use software like Zotoro or EndNote to track sources of information.
12. I often create to-do lists or collections of information.
13. When I am given a topic, I can take information from several sources to explain that topic accurately and in my own words.
14. I can reconcile conflicting information on a topic.
15. I can interpret charts and graphs accurately.
16. I can create a simple video to impart information to others.
17. I can create charts and graphs to impart information to others.
18. I can write well.
19. I use class discussion forums and professional web sites to gather information and to ask for information.
20. I use my phone to ask friends for information.
21. I participate in face-to-face professional organizations.
22. I can use the media I create as a supporting device to prove my point.
23. I know how to create an excellent presentation.
24. I am good at face-to-face communication.

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