Activity 5: Prioritizing and Strategizing

Use the "Prioritizing and Strategizing" activity sheet to list the ten things that caused you the most distress during the week, and then rank them from most to least stressful in terms of how much trouble they tended to cause you.

Write a short comment, note, or reminder about what you think the cause of each stressor may have been and how you can cope with it or eliminate it in the future. 

Note: A downloadable RTF file of this worksheet is included in the left sidebar of this page.


List the top 10 stressors from your Stress Diary and prioritize them from most stressful (10) to least stressful (1). In the comments column, briefly describe what you will do to either cope with the stress or eliminate it.

Rank (1-10)

10 Stressors

































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