Activity 2: Signs of Stress

Signs of Stress is your assessment of signs of stress that you show and how often you experience them. The worksheet lists many different signs of stress that you should be aware of in order to deal with them.

Note: A downloadable RTF file of this worksheet is included in the left sidebar of this page.


Name: ________________

Date: _________________


DIRECTIONS: Look at the following symptoms of stress. Place a checkmark in the column marked "R" if you experience this symptom rarely. Place a checkmark in the column marked "O" if you experience it often.






1. Headaches



2. Stomach problems – diarrhea, constipation, nausea, heartburn, urinating often



3. High blood pressure or heart pounding



4. Pain in neck, lower back, shoulders, jaw



5. Muscle jerks or tics



6. Eating problems – no appetite, constant eating, full feeling without eating



7. Sleeping problems – unable to fall asleep, wakeful in middle of night, nightmares



8. Fainting



9. General feeling of tiredness



10. Shortness of breath



11. Dry throat or mouth



12. Unable to sit still – extra energy



13. Teeth grinding



14. Stuttering



15. Uncontrollable crying or not being able to cry



16. Smoking



17. Excessive alcohol use



18. Excessive drug use



19. Increased use of medication – aspirin, tranquilizers, etc.



20. General anxiety, nervous feeling, or tenseness



21. Dizziness and weakness



22. Irritable and easily upset



23. Depressed


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