Activity 3: How to evaluate material?


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Deena: So, what have we learned?

Brian: I think the most important thing is that if we don't use effective search strategies, we will waste a lot of time sorting through useless information.

Deena: I agree. So, we need to use advanced search strategies. Like defining and refining exactly what we're looking for.

Brian: And using Boolean logic to narrow the kinds of information we get from a search.

Deena: I think we should remember to utilize help - whether it's a human being in the library or the help function in a search engine.

Brian: Good point. Once we have all this information, let's remember to write down the, uh, what was that called?

Deena: Citation.

Brian: That's right, citation.

Deena: That's so we know where we found the information.

Brian: Great! It seems like we've got a pretty good handle on what we have to do.

Deena: I'd like to mention one thing that I think is really important.

Brian: What's that, Deena?

Deena: Well, I think that having the Internet adds more complexity to source evaluation - which is an already complex process. I mean, anyone can publish on the Web without certification of facts or sources. So, we need to be cautious when we're looking at information on a Web page.

Brian: Good point, Deena.

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