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Following are the assignments embedded in the Source Evaluation and Search Strategies tutorial:

Activity 1: Quiz

Activity 2: Quiz

Activity 3: Quiz

Activity 4: Evaluate sources - handout

Relationship to Other iStudy Tutorials

This tutorial is somewhat related to and dependent on other iStudy tutorials on personal effectiveness, including note taking, active listening, active reading, time management, planning your time, and conducting an interview.

Therefore, it is recommended that instructors introduce this tutorial to students after the other personal effectiveness tutorials because the personal effectiveness tutorials are in some ways prerequisite to this tutorial.


Suggested In-class Methods of Presentation



Note : This is an excellent opportunity to utilize and reinforce the cooperative learning techniques from the iStudy Cooperative Learning tutorial.

Key Points

These points are covered in the iStudy tutorial, but should be emphasized in any discussions.

Assessment Criteria

Through observing both the group's and the individual's activity, the instructor may assess student performance. Assessment criteria are as follows (Instructors provide the percentage weights):


Assessment Criteria





iStudy Tutorial


The student can identify different types of sources and their appropriateness by listing them.


iStudy Tutorial


The student can formulate questions to help evaluate sources.




The student can locate information/source by suing search strategies.


iStudy Tutorial


The student can evaluate the quality of sources by applying criteria.






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