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Source Evaluation and Search Strategies


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A woman with a magnifying glass looking through a hole in a brick wall. Many of us are inclined to accept all sources of information as valid and reliable. Some people would call this being gullible or easily swayed. Others would say that some kind of source evaluation is required before accepting premises or ideas. In college, as well as work and "real life," some sources are more appropriate than others.

Writing a research paper is an example of a time when the use of the appropriate sources is important. To excel in an academic environment, you must learn how to locate and properly evaluate information and data that you have collected while conducting literature reviews, interviews, or doing other forms of research.

This tutorial will help you to understand basic concepts related to locating and evaluating information. By explaining the different types of sources and the criteria for determining the quality of a source, you will be better prepared to conduct a college-level literature review.

Goals and Objectives

By the time you finish this tutorial, you will be able to:


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