Approaching and Solving Ill-Structured Problems


Approaching Ill-Structured Problems

So, how do you go about solving an ill-structured problem? The best way to approach an ill-structured problem is to begin by gathering information. Here are some ideas of what to look for.

Define the Problem

List Why the Issue is a Problem

List What Will Happen When the Problem is Solved


Solving Ill-Structured Problems

To start figuring out how to solve an ill-structured problem, here are some steps you may want to follow. Consider the information you have gathered through your investigation as you determine what the real problem is and how best to solve it.

  1. Gather information.
  2. Determine the real problem.
  3. State the real problem.
  4. Identify alternative perspectives.
  5. Determine constraints.
  6. Generate possible solutions.
  7. Choose the best solution.
  8. Plan the steps for implementing the solution.
  9. Adapt the solution.
  10. Monitor the solution and make adjustments as needed.


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