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The following are the assignments embedded in the Problem Solving tutorial:


Relationship to Other iStudy Tutorials

This activity is the first step in most research methodologies. A typical research methodology can be described as:

Therefore, it is recommended that instructors introduce this tutorial to students prior to any tutorials that deal with data collection and analysis, report writing, or the review, revision, and publication process.


Suggested In-Class Methods of Presentation



Note : This is an excellent opportunity to utilize and reinforce the cooperative learning techniques from the Cooperative Learning tutorial.

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Key Points

These points are covered in the iStudy module, but should be emphasized in any discussions.

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Assessment Criteria

Through observing both the group's and the individual's activities, the instructor may assess student performance. Assessment criteria are as follows (instructors supply the percentage weights):


Assessment Criteria





iStudy Tutorial


The student can define the concept of problem solving by relating the science method to it.


iStudy Tutorial


The student can describe the reasons why problem solving skills are valuable by giving examples.




The student can determine the true problem in any problem solving situation by explaining why.


 iStudy Tutorial


The student can distinguish well-structured and ill-structured problems by comparing them with each other.


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