Peer Tutoring

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There are several reasons to become active in peer tutoring - reasons for both the tutor and the student. Here are a few of the most helpful aspects peer tutoring can offer:A woman tutoring another woman.


Goals and Objectives

The main goal of this tutorial is to introduce learners to essential peer tutoring techniques. Upon completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:


Information about peer tutoring in this tutorial is divided into several sections. The recommended sequence is as follows:

  1. Establishing the environment
  2. Building rapport
  3. Activity 1: What would you do to help a student in a tutoring session?
  4. Activity 2: Building Rapport with a Student
  5. Establishing proper body language
  6. Approaching the work
  7. Listening, questioning, and responding
  8. Activity 3: Effective Strategies for Listening, Questioning, and Responding
  9. Feedback

After you read through the information and tips about peer tutoring and completed the activities, you should be ready to try this short role playing game (Note: Opens in a new window or tab). 

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