Information about Making Revisions and Using Markup Symbols

The Process of Revision

In this lesson, you will see some strategies for objectively making revisions to a written document. You will also learn about and use conventional mark-up symbols.

Revision is the process of reviewing a written composition or other materials. After you have finished the first draft, you re-read it and make changes to it. During the process of revising, you add, delete, replace and reorder ideas and terms. In other words, the process of revision involves complex activities of re-reading, evaluating, and making changes to improve your work.


General Strategies for Revising

While revising, you have to be an objective reader, or uninfluenced by personal feelings. Certain strategies can help you look more objectively at your work. To put it another way, you need to transform yourself from a writer to a critical reader. Several general strategies have been suggested:


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