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Making Revisions and Using Markup Symbols


iStudy would like to acknowledge Jon Belk for revising the content of this tutorial.



Revision is the process of reviewing a written composition. After completing a first draft, authors re-read and make changes at least once. During the process of revision, ideas, terms, and words are added, deleted, replaced, and reordered. In other words, the process of revision involves activities of re-reading, evaluating, and making changes to improve one's work. The end result of a revision should be an improved piece of writing.

While revising, you learn to be a critical reader. Also, in order to have a solid basis for the revision process, you must know what to look for in your composition in terms of its major elements and the criteria for evaluating these elements. Finally, if others help you to revise, markup symbols are important communicative tools for locating and making changes.

Write. Read. Revise. Be awesome.  

Goals and Objectives

By the time you finish the Introduction to Revisions/Mark-ups, you will be able to:



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