Conducting the Interview


Think about possible answers to the questions you ask. Coming up with and evaluating your own answers allows you to prepare for the responses your interviewee might give. Can you come up with answers based on the information you have already received? If not, consider asking a new question because the information you've received has not yet met the goal and objectives of your interview.

As responses are given during the interview, apply your note taking skills (see the iStudy tutorial on Note-Taking). Be sure to record the responses received and revise your question list based on the responses. As the person is speaking, use his or her responses as a guide for developing additional questions. Respond mentally to each statement by putting the statement in the form of a question, using the various levels of critical thinking questions you have learned (i.e. "What? How? When? Where? and Why?").Man on phone verifying ideas.

Repeat the cycle of acquiring, understanding, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information until you are satisfied with the results.

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