Beginning the Interview


An agenda or interview guide is helpful to order questions and track the interview progress. It can help interviewers establish a good relationship with interviewees. It is important that you make sure the person you are interviewing understands what you want to talk about.

As the interview begins, you should start out seriously, with the easy questions first. This way you look professional, and will set the other person at ease - make them look smart! A checklist that includes Be on time, Be clear, Be professional, Start easy, Ensure understanding.



A non-judgmental atmosphere is what you want to develop when you gather data. When interviewing someone to gather information or data:

- Who you are

- The topic under investigation

- The purpose of the interview (goals and objectives)

- Take time to make sure you understand. This will make your interviewee less likely to be defensive.

- Provide reassurance that the information being given to you is useful and informative.


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