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Quizzes, Reflective Questions, and Activities

The following are the assignments embedded in the Conducting an Interview tutorial:


Relationship to Other iStudy Tutorials

This tutorial is related to other tutorials on personal effectiveness, including note-taking, active listening, active reading, conflict management, and brainstorming. Therefore, it is recommended that instructors introduce this tutorial to students in conjunction with other personal effectiveness tutorials.


Suggested In-Class Methods of Presentation


Discussion and Activities


Note : This is an excellent opportunity to utilize and reinforce the cooperative learning techniques found in the Cooperative Learning tutorial.


Key Points

These points are covered in the iStudy tutorial, but should be emphasized in any discussions.


Assessment Criteria

Through observing both group and the individual activities, the instructor may assess student performance. Assessment criteria are as follows (instructors supply the percentage weights):


Assessment Criteria





iStudy Tutorial


The student can describe a good interview atmosphere by listing three important processes to sustain during an interview.


iStudy Tutorial


The student can explain why preparation is important and can give examples of how to plan for an interview.




The student can make different types of interview questions.


 iStudy Tutorial


 The student can analyze and evaluate an interview experience by creating criteria for a good interview.






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