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Quizzes and Activities

The following assignments are embedded in the Gantt Chart tutorial:


Relationship to Other iStudy Tutorials

This tutorial is related to other iStudy tutorials on time management and stress management. Therefore, it is recommended that instructors introduce this tutorial to students in conjunction with these other tutorials.


Key Points

These points are covered in the iStudy tutorial but should be emphasized in any discussions:



The iStudy tutorial includes two activities instructors may find appropriate as models for assessment devices. Variations of the activities can be reproduced on paper or as online activities.


Assessment criteria are as follows (Instructors supply the percentage weights):


Assessment Criteria





Content of iStudy Tutorial


The student can identify the parts of a Gantt Chart.


Activities in Class


The student can list projects in his/her life for which a Gantt Chart would be appropriate.


Activities in Class


The student can develop a Gantt Chart for a given project.







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