Activity 7: Reflection vs. Description

What is the difference between a sentence that describes and a sentence that reflects?



  1. Review the lists that you created and the summative, descriptive narratives you wrote in Part One of this tutorial, i.e., Looking Back and Looking Around. A woman looking into a mirror.
  2. Write a summative statement for the Looking Back and Looking Around sections, this time that includes reflection. In other words, answer the questions, "Why is this important to you?" Or, "What implications does this have for your future? Why?" First, just get your thoughts down. Later you can combine the most meaningful points into a shorter, more concise version that gets right to the point.
  3. Write the same type of paragraph, this time about the Looking Ahead piece that you wrote in Part Two of this tutorial (where you explain to someone else where you hope to be in two and five years from now).