Activity 2: What kinds of evidence belong in an ePortfolio?

Gathering Your Own Evidence

Let's get started creating your own ePortfolio. ePortfolios should link to evidence of your academic accomplishments, co-curricular experiences, personal interests, and career goals. Therefore, evidence is the first item you should consider when creating your own ePortfolio.


What types of evidence belong in an ePortfolio? What kinds of evidence of your own do you have which you can point to? Use a word processor or pen and paper to write down your responses to the following:

Look BackWoman looking over her shoulder.

  1. Create a list of all the experiences or events that you have been involved in that you consider significant. What were these experiences? Add to this list evidence of things that you have created, accomplished, or were rewarded for in the past.
  2. Create a list of personal and academic general interests that are important to you. What are you interested in? It might help to think about the things that you do or are involved in on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. What are these activities? What interests do they represent?

Look AroundWoman looking from side to side.

  1. Create a list of the experiences or events which you are involved in right now at Penn State. This list could include a list of the courses you are currently taking, the organizations you are involved in, or other things that you think are significant.
  2. Write a short essay (two paragraph minimum) that describes and summarizes the lists that you have created above. Be sure to include a reflective section that talks about why these pieces of evidence are importatn to you. Tell your story. Invite the reader to read what you have been involved in.

Note: Feedback is important throughout the ePortfolio development process. Consider sharing your list with a friend or family member. Is there something you are missing? Often times, it is easy to forget things you are most involved in!


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