Activity 8: Review Your Own Reflective Narrative

Have you made it obvious to your reader what your most important point is? Is it easy for the reader to understand what you mean?

  1. Review the reflective narratives that you have written for the Looking Back, Looking Around, and the Looking Ahead sections. Look for the sentence that conveys the most meaning, or best conveys the point you are trying to make. (Often you will find this sentence at the end of the paragraph!) Underline this important sentence.
  2. Consider what would happen if you start your paragraph off with the sentence that you have underlined. Does this do a better job of getting right to the point?
  3. Take your first draft and re-write your reflections in a short, concise paragraph. Your first sentence should get right to the heart of what is meaningful to you. Your purpose here is to provide an honest interpretation for others so that they might appreciate who you are.
  4. Ask a friend, advisor, or family member to review your reflections. Ask them about the message you are conveying and the manner in which you are conveying it. Remember, if your purpose is to publish your reflections online, be sure that you do not include personal thoughts and ideas that you want to remain private.


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