Activity 1: A Role-Playing Scenario

Now let's practice some brainstorming by doing some role-playing. The following is a brainstorming scenario. Read the situation, then complete your part of the conversation.


The Situation

UHS (University Health Service) staff members have a meeting about increasing the show-rate for medical appointments.

According to a recent investigation, only 33% of students showed up for their appointments during the last semester. The staff members brainstorm potential solutions to improve the show-rate. Imagine you are the director of UHS and are attending the meeting.

Director (You): How can we increase the show-rate for medical appointments?

Staff 1: Make reminder calls before each appointment.

Staff 2: How about giving incentives to students when they attend their appointment on time?

What would you say next in response to the two staff members?


Your response may have looked something like this: Maybe we could use a point system and give priority for future appointments to the students who regularly keep their appointments.

Techniques and rules used:

• Do not criticize or evaluate ideas.

Rule: Quantity is wanted - every idea is accepted and recorded. The more ideas, the more to choose from and the more likely ideas will spark new ideas.

• Build upon the ideas of other group members.

Rule: Combination and improvement are sought. Ideas spark more ideas. Encourage everyone to participate and to build upon the ideas of others in the group.