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Following are the assignments embedded in the Basic Statistics tutorial:


Relationship to Other iStudy Tutorials

This tutorial should be used before or in conjunction with the Source Evaluation tutorial, for statistics are one method for evaluating source materials. It can also be used in conjunction with the Oral Presentation tutorial.


Suggested In-class Methods of Presentation




OPTIONAL - Have students look in the local or college newspaper for examples of statistics. Have them identify the statistics used.


Note: This is an excellent opportunity to utilize and reinforce the cooperative earning techniques found in the Cooperative Learning tutorial.


Key Points

These points are covered in the iStudy tutorial, but should be emphasized in any discussions.


Assessment Criteria

Through observing both the group's and the individuals' activities, the instructor may assess student performance. Assessment criteria are as follows (instructors supply the percentage weights):


Assessment Criteria





iStudy Tutorial


The learner can define the following statistical terms; Mean, Median, Mode, Significance, P-value, Correlation, and r-value.




The learner can explain the following questions:

1) What does it mean by p<.05?

2) What does it mean by r=-1, r=0, r=1?




The learner can interpret data by using the statistical terms, when given a set of data.


iStudy Tutorial


The learner can make a set of data him/herself under a certain rule and interpret it by using the statistical terms.






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