Activity 7: Note-Taking

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Student Dialog - Active Reading

Deena: I can see how active reading can be applied to many things we do. It can especially be applied to our individual and group research projects.

Jose: Our data collection? Our analysis?

Sage: Our report!

Deena: All of it. I was also thinking that it would help us to become better critical thinkers on a daily basis.

Sage: Is that sort of like being aware of multiple possibilities?

Jose: And not just to accept everything we read as absolute. Not only what we read, but what we hear too. I think it can also make a difference in the way we write.

Deena: Yeah, particularly if our audience is an active reader.

Sage: Wow! That's a really good point, Deena.

Jose: Speaking of questioning things, where did you get this information about active reading anyway?

Deena: I sort of put it together from several sources. I picked out what I thought was the best information. If anyone has some good Web sites or resources, let me know.

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