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The following are the assignments embedded in the Active Listening tutorial:

Relationship to Other iStudy Tutorials

This tutorial is related to other iStudy tutorials on personal effectiveness, including note-taking, active reading, interview skills, conflict management, and peer tutoring. Therefore, it is recommended that instructors introduce this tutorial to students in conjunction with other personal effectiveness tutorials.


Suggested In-class Methods of Presentation



Have students reflect in pairs about their listening skills. Plan an activity in which students take turns talking about themselves (an introduction, or perhaps their best and worst communication experiences). After the activity, ask students to recall as much as possible about what the other person said. Use this activity to make the following point:

Note: This is an excellent opportunity to utilize and reinforce the cooperative learning techniques found in the iStudy Cooperative Learning tutorial.

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Key Points

These points are covered in the iStudy tutorial, but should be emphasized in any discussions.

Feedback is a key component of active listening. The instructor may want to stress the following:

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Assessment Criteria

Through observing both the group's and the individual's activities, the instructor may assess student performance. Assessment criteria are as follows (instructors supply the percentage weights):


Assessment Criteria





iStudy Tutorial


The student can define active listening by using and referring to its components.


iStudy Tutorial


The student can describe active listening skills by relating its components to communication.




The student can engage in active listening by participating in (group) discussion as listener and speaker.


iStudy Tutorial


The student can model active listening by giving examples or experiences (as well as by creating new problem situation and solution related to active listening.)






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